SKU: YA0800

Stilo ST5 Visors


Stilo ST5 visors fit all Stilo SA2020, FIA 8859/8860 non-ABP model helmets. They are available in over 10 different colors in different levels of gradient to make sure you have the perfect visor for every race condition. From the Stilo dark smoke to a selection of multiple iridiums, Stilo ST5 visors are a great way to ensure your best vision and lap time.

The Stilo ST5 series is unique in that the shield lock is located in the center position of the visor. The visor lock is released by squeezing the outboard sides together and that will then release it from the mount stud that is located in the center of the helmet. The reason for this is to "clean-up" the sides of the helmet where a side impact in a head containment seat may grab parts of the helmet. All Stilo ST5 visors have the center release mechanism installed on it.