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Sparco X-Light + Shoes



The Sparco X-Light + is the ultimate ultra-light weight driving shoe. It is the only racing shoe on the market that features a full stretch fabric upper. This unique fireproof stretch fabric has been developed by the Sparco engineers to be breathable and durable. The X-light stretch fabric wraps around the foot like a second skin and prevents dust, soil or other materials from entering the shoe. Kevlar cables woven into the upper give the right amount of support. This combination provides an extremely comfortable fit, highly breathable and offers a high level of protection. The X-light + features a carbon fiber sole that is unique because it has been developed to be flexible, it is inlayed into the sole and runs from the toes to the heel. The carbon fiber is visible through the window of the ultra-thin oil-resistant and anti-static sole which offers greater pedal sensitivity. The cushioned inner sole has another unique feature, it has a printed silicon pattern which gives added traction and pedal feel. FIA 8856-2018 homologated (SFI certification upon request).