SKU: 008017RNR

Sparco Pro ADV QRT Seat



Sparco's best selling head-restraing seat, the Pro ADV QRT receive's Sparco's QRT Ultra-Light Technology, offering an industry unmatched strength-to-weight ratio for fiberglass composite seats. The head restraint shape has been tweeked to better fit smaller cockpits, while the overall seat dimensions still fit Medium-to-Large drivers up to a 35" waist. The result of a close collaboration with the FIA Foundation in an attempt to identify ways of improving safety, the Pro ADV is engineered with increased rigidity and the use of impact absorbing materials throughout the seat. Comfortable and supportive, this seat is perfect for the average sized driver. Non-slip fabric on the shoulders help keep the driver in place, while the deep side bolsters provide additional support and protection. FIA 8855-1999 homologated.