AiM Solo 2 DL Laptimer



AiM Solo 2 DL, the Solo with an ECU connection, has over a thousand ECU protocols in its database. The DL stands for engine and vehicle data download. Easily connect your Solo 2 DL to your ECU and get reams information with just one cable. In case your ECU protocol isn't in the database, no problem: an ECU Driver Builder is available in the included Race Studio 3 software, allowing you to create your protocol yourself. The Solo 2 DL has access to a database of more than 3,000 tracks all over the world.

Choose your ECU cable:

  • OBDII: the standard vehicle diagnostic port beneath your dash supplies the Solo 2 DL with a wealth of information. This is the standard cable most people will use.
  • CAN/RS232: the Solo 2 DL can be connected to your CAN Bus for an even richer, broader spectrum of information than OBDII. This cable can require a bit more know-how to connect.
  • RPM: the Solo 2 DL now features a digital input allowing to log RPM either from square wave signals (8-50 V each signal) or pulse signals (150-450 V ignition coil trigger – primary circuit). This is used on older vehicles like the NA and NB Miata.